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Top Concerns When Installing Lighting in a Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility
Something as simple as lighting may be put on the back burner when you have so much to think about in a manufacturing facility. Most of your focus might be on matters like buying new machinery. However, lighting is not something that should be ignored. These are some of the top concerns to keep in mind when purchasing and installing lighting in your manufacturing facility.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of electricity and fuel might already be used to keep your manufacturing facility running. So with the number of lights that may have to be installed in your facility, energy efficiency is important to think about. Otherwise, the electric bills for your business might be much higher than they should be. Plus, opting for energy efficient options will help you avoid wasting resources.
LED lighting is an ideal lighting solution for facilities like yours. LED bulbs use significantly less energy than other lighting options, including incandescent and fluorescent lighting.


Ample lighting has a big impact on safety in the workplace. If your manufacturing environment doesn’t have enough lighting, then employees could be more at risk of getting hurt. Well-lit indoor and outdoor work areas is critical. In higher-risk areas, such where dangerous equipment is used, proper lighting is even more important.
You also need to make sure that the lighting itself is safe. For example, LED lighting is cool to the touch and is less likely to cause burns. Proper installation of industrial lighting is essential to prevent safety issues as well.


If employees can't see what they're doing when they're working, then they won't be as productive. Proper task lighting in areas where employees will be working with machinery or materials can help ensure productivity. Additionally, installing proper lighting in storage areas makes it easier for employees to find necessary materials and supplies promptly.


OSHA regulations cover lighting that is used in various types of work environments, including manufacturing facilities. These regulations cover minimum illumination intensities for different types of work environments. Illumination intensity is measured in foot-candles, which represents the amount of illumination that is provided by one candela source from one foot away.
Indoor environments like warehouses and hallways should have lighting equal to a minimum of five foot-candles. Manufacturing plants and workshops should have lighting equal to a minimum of 10 foot-candles. The offices and first aid stations in your facility require even more lighting, with a minimum of 30 foot-candles.
When choosing and installing lighting, make sure that you consult OSHA's regulations to make sure that each area of your manufacturing facility abides by these regulations. If you're having a tough time understanding whether or not your lighting is in line with these regulations, working with a lighting company that frequently sells industrial lighting will allow you to get professional advice.


All lighting needs maintenance. For example, you should clean all lamps, lenses, and reflectors regularly, regardless of the type of lighting that you choose. You will also periodically have to replace bulbs.
Some lighting types do require more maintenance than others. Choose lighting that only requires light maintenance to save time and money in your busy facility. For example, if you choose lighting that is longer-lasting, you won’t have to replace the bulbs as frequently. LED lighting lasts much longer than many other lighting types, so you can save money on bulbs and reduce the workload on your maintenance crew with this option.
Tocor Inc. is here to help with all of your lighting needs. Contact us today to talk about your lighting needs for your industrial facility, and we'll be happy to help.


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